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A new survey of Clarington small businesses conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) indicates a high degree of dissatisfaction among participants with the support they receive from local government.

The CFIB feels that the results reveal that Clarington is not meeting the needs of its small business community.

“Small businesses are the backbone of their local communities”, says CFIB’s vice-president for Ontario, Satinder Chera, adding that “these results are a wakeup call for local leaders who have been accustomed to treating their small business constituents as nothing more than cash cows”.

A total of 36 businesses in Clarington took part in CFIB’s face-to-face survey between July 2009 and June 2010. When asked, How do you rate the local government where your business is situated on the following issues?, here’s how these business owners responded:
•    Overall awareness of small business sector – 9% Good; 58% Adequate; 33% Poor
•    Reasonable property tax levels – 6% Good; 42% Adequate; 52% Poor
•    Fairness of by-laws and regulations – 9% Good; 30% Adequate; 61% Poor
•    Control of government wage levels – 8% Good; 38% Adequate; 54% Poor
•    Value-for-money of public services – 46% Adequate; 54% Poor

“It is important for all levels of government to be attuned to the concerns of small business, especially in the wake of the recent recession”, says Plamen Petkov, a senior policy analyst with CFIB. “The purpose of these results is to bridge that gap.”

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