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Durham Regional Police are urging Clarington parents and caregivers to remain vigilant during Halloween festivities to ensure the safety of their participating youngsters.

The DRPS is asking parents and caregivers to inspect and open all candy gathered during Halloween night prior to consumption and to educate their children on the possible dangers of eating candy that has not been properly examined. Any packages which appear suspicious in nature and have been tampered with should be reported to authorities for investigation.

Durham Police also caution all pedestrians and participants during Halloween that they ensure costumes are fitted properly and eyesight is not restricted due to ill-fitting accessories. Flashlights, glow sticks and reflective tape will ensure visibility for drivers. Please ensure younger children have adult supervision and older children travel in groups during trick or treating.

Please remind children to find a patrolling police officer or a red Rogers television van in their neighborhood if they are lost or need help. The Rogers Pumpkin Patrol is comprised of Rogers’ employees volunteering their assistance to keep a watchful eye on the children enjoying Halloween festivities.

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